Broadway World

“The Constitution is an intense, thought provoking and overall fascinating show that turns a discussion about love into more of a hell that people cannot escape until they have exhausted themselves of their own beliefs on the matter.”

Culture Catch

“The play’s sense of humor and the cast’s performance ensure that the production’s vertiginous conceptual experimentation and dense web of referentiality are entertaining to watch. For Saudade Theatre, The Constitution is a compelling founding document.”

Stage Buddy

“…both staggering and intuitive — which is a mark not only of how well each actor has played his or her part, but of how well de Oliveira’s script has succeeded.”

Urban Matter

“The work from these four actors brings a fascinating and thought-provoking concept to life. Passion, love, underlying resentment, and plenty of anger are the undercurrents that run through this play.”

YES Broadway

The show challenges you to think about theater in a whole different way. This is not jazz hands and Shakespeare.