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A Monthly Reading Series of Translated Works

"Por cada nova companhia de teatro deviam nascer mil estrelas no céu."

          - Luís Miguel Cintra

Portuguese Table Series was Saudade Theatre's first initiative upon its founding. In response to the absence of Portuguese plays on American bookshelves, it became our mission to translate and share works from Portugal and its diaspora in the United States. Every month, gathering in various bars, restaurants, homes, studios and venues across New York City, Saudade welcomed theatre lovers and artists to read our very own translations of Gil Vicente, Jacinto Lucas Pires, Mickaël de Oliveira, John dos Passos, Abel Neves, Elaine Avila, and more. 


Thank you to the Consulado Geral de Portugal em Nova Iorque (Consulate General of Portugal in New York) for its support.

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