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A World Premiere Presented by
Saudade Theatre

in co-production with Colectivo 84

On the verge of apocalypse, in the middle of a mountainous forest, four friends grapple with the strangest of all human acts. What deaths do we give ourselves and what countless tales do we tell about them? 


PLAYWRIGHT  Mickaël de Oliveira

DIRECTOR  Mickaël de Oliveira

TRANSLATION  Maria Inês Marques

PRODUCERS  Vanessa Varela, Filipe Valle Costa & Diogo Martins

ASST. DIRECTOR  Filipe Valle Costa

STAGE MANAGER  Garrett Crouch

ENSEMBLE  Joy Brunson, Liliana de Castro, Diogo Martins & Filipe Valle Costa* 

MUSIC  Drum & Lace


PUBLICITY  Green Galactic

*Actor appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. 

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My Favorite Suicide Radio.jpg
My Favorite Suicide.jpg
My Favorite Suicide_Liliana.jpg
My Favorite Suicide_Diogo.jpg
My Favorite Suicide_Filipe.jpg
My Favorite Suicide_Joy.jpg

Coming together on mental health.

Select performances followed by moderated talkbacks and audience questions.

October 19 2019  |  SALINA CORRAL, PsyD  Interview with Mickaël de Oliveira moderated by the PMHAC Chair Salina Corral

October 27 2019  |  JASON WEISS  Ensemble Q&A hosted by theatre producer Jason Weiss

November 3 2019  |  PJ STAHL, MA, CSCS  Fitness expert PJ Stahl visits to share “Courage to Talk and Strength to Listen”

Cross-cultural connections.

With our mission to produce & translate Portuguese playwrights, Saudade Theatre also partnered with UCLA’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese to host a special on-campus event during opening week, introducing Mickaël de Oliveira’s work to university students and staff. Special thanks to Patricia Lino.

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