PREHEATED: A Spoken Fado

Written by Tenea Intriago

Directed by Filipe Valle Costa

A one-woman autobiographical show by Tenea Intriago, PREHEATED is a spoken fado* in search of a lost childhood. It's an excavation of her fossilized experiences, closer to the surface than she dares to admit. A quest for meaning within the radical unbelievability of her own truth. Because sometimes you have to lie to survive, until eventually the lies become truth. Maybe. (Maybe not.) Hard to know when you’re hungry. Luckily, her Vóvó always has a fresh loaf of warm Portuguese bread.

*fado [fah-doo] noun. A Portuguese folk song typically of doleful or fatalistic character.

Friday, March 6, 2020


MiMoDa Studio (Map)

Tickets $10 Online & At The Door

Due to COVID-19, all performances below are canceled or postponed until further notice. 

Two actors, estranged old friends, are cast in the same play at the National Theatre in Lisbon. An hour away from opening night, as they get ready for the performance of a lifetime, a different sort of drama steers them away from the play itself. The first play written by Filipe Valle Costa and Diogo Martins, the artistic directors of Saudade Theatre. 

Dois atores, velhos amigos desencontrados, são obrigados a reencontrar-se por motivos de trabalho: uma peça no Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II. A uma hora de entrar em palco na noite de estreia, a peça que agora fazem e a peça das suas vidas cruza-se numa representação onde o passado e o presente teimam a não querer sarar nenhumas das suas feridas. A primeira peça escrita por Filipe Valle Costa e Diogo Martins, os diretores artísticos da Saudade Theatre.

Pelo Sonho é Que Fomos*
Ou a História de Dois Atores à Procura de um Texto
de Filipe Valle Costa & Diogo Martins
Sweet Dreams*
Or the Story of Two Actors in Search of a Play
by Filipe Valle Costa & Diogo Martins

Saturday, March 28, 2020


Casa Do Alentejo, Toronto (Map)

Dinner + Performance Ticket $50

Saudade Theatre presents I AM THE DEAD MAN: A Mozambican Fable, the first stage adaptation of acclaimed writer Mia Couto’s novel Under the Frangipani. Set in post-colonial Mozambique, we meet a police inspector who is brought in to investigate a strange murder inside of a former Portuguese fort where ivory and slaves were once sold. Inside he faces the dead, clashes with life, copes with ever shifting reality, and finds the truth nearly impossible to reveal. I AM THE DEAD MAN is a whodunnit infused with magical realism that explores the spirit world and unpacks the intersection of old traditions and new knowledge. There is a message to the old colonial masters: “You will never rule this land.’” The first play written by Stephen Ruffin, created with Filipe Valle Costa. 

Resident production of Noise Now 2020

I Am The Dead Man: A Mozambican Fable

Monday, June 1, 2020

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


A Noise Within - John & Barbara Lawrence Hall (Map)

Tickets $20 Online & At The Door

Written by Stephen Ruffin
Created by Stephen Ruffin & Filipe Valle Costa

Five 10-minute plays. 

Five different authors. 

From all across the Lusophone world. 


Saudade Theatre will be accepting submissions of pieces for two actors from writers of the Lusophone world. The selected plays will be produced at a two night festival event on November 13th and 14th.

Submissions open starting May 2020.

Portuguese Table Series

Lusophone Edition

Thursday, November 13, 2020

Friday, November 14, 2020


[Location To Be Announced]

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