July 19

Saudade Theatre is opening up its platform to share original stories that reevaluate historical events and analyze their true consequences through a new lens, meeting us all where we are today. 

Submissions are now CLOSED.

The festival's chosen works, along with others from invited playwrights,

will be read virtually via Zoom followed by guest speakers and

a post-show discussion of the themes. 

We welcome you to join our "rediscoveries" journey, and to be a part of

sharing & discussing how the total past has influenced our present & future.
It's time to re•discover the history that precedes us. 


10 weeks of exploring isolation... together. 

Quarantine Table Series: A Series of Virtual Readings with Saudade Theatre

Thank you to all who joined our weekly Quarantine Table Series from March 29 - May 31

and participated in the post-show discussions.

Every Sunday, you helped open up a safe space to share enlightening stories and perhaps gain new perspectives. Together, we explored plays that placed isolated human beings at the centre of a struggle against an invisible enemy - a theme ever more prominent now than when the Series began.

An extended thanks to the talented actors who brought these stories to life directly from their homes.

A thank you to Ditado Music who gifted us with his stunning LIVE music.

A thank you to Sofia Couceiro and Austin Brown for the behind the scenes shots.

Muito Obrigado.

Photos below are from previous Saudade's rehearsals and performances.